Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment – aka Strategy Deployment or Hoshin Kanri– is all about how you release and drive your business strategy through your organisation, and how this strategy’s success is measured.

This Policy Deployment Template allows you to clearly promote your Strategic Business Goals

Deploy your Strategic Business Goals with ths Policy Deployment Template

Organisations frequently fall into the trap of using purely accounting metrics to measure performance.

Policy Deployment is a practise which puts the best drivers of success in place as the measurement metrics, and empowers your leaders to make decisions on this basis.

Policy Deployment empowers your people

Policy Deployment is an approach that makes your business goals clear to every leader. Each business goal must have clear metrics, and a clear plan to achieve the goal.

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri – where Policy Deployment comes from – is the Japanese business practise of Policy Deployment. It focusses on

  • The Shared Goals
  • Communicating these goals to all leaders
  • Involving all leaders in planning to achieve these goal
  • Holding all participants (i.e. you and your people!) accountable for achieving their part of the plan

The key is that “With hoshin kanri… the daily crush of events and quarterly bottom-line pressures do not take precedence over strategic plans, rather, these short-term activities are determined and managed by the plans themselves.”

So – Make your policies clear, and deploy them to your leaders!

This process boils down to a simple process:

Policy Deployment Roadmap - Hoshin Kanri

Plan and communicate your Policy Deployment – Hoshin Kanri

  1. Establish up to 4 Business Goals
  2. Prioritise them
  3. Make the metrics clear
  4. Plan how you will achieve these Business Goals WITH your leaders
  5. Break them into initiatives
  6. Plan ALL projects and activities into those initiatives – nothing else matters!
  7. Empower your leaders to work to these Business Goals
  8. Move all other distractions out of the way

See our Policy / Goal Deployment Roadmap Template.

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Last Updated : August 4th, 2016