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Tobias Edwards is a Procurement and Business Change expert in the London Area.

How to look good at work (from a business rather than image perspective!)

We have been on some management courses over the last few months and having let the dust settle (thus avoiding the immediate post course evangelicalism which irks even the most tolerant mind) we have come to the conclusion that we have actually learnt a great deal and that it is relevant. And useful. And in some

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MOD award contract of up to £12million, with no ITT issued

Spend Matters recently reported this after a Freedom of Information request was submitted which has left a whole series of questions unanswered – such as why no tender, and what could be the justification for this? Now we here at BDUK have no political agenda, and perhaps surprisingly given some of our consultants procurement backgrounds,

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Solvency II is coming… quick, look busy.

Solvency II, Solvency 2, Solvency ii – seemingly three ways to type it, three pillars supporting it and at first glance it appears to be something to do with Insurance which Insurers and Re-insurers need to worry about, and the rest of us can relax.

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Cockermouth Floods highlight need for disaster recovery plan

The recent floods in Cockermouth and the devastating affect on the community have highlighted many issues which keep surfacing on an increasingly regular basis; climate change, flood defence, the importance of insurance, and the need to have an adequate disaster plan in place. The Copenhagen climate change conference will seek to address the wider implications of our changing

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