New Powers Granted for Serious Data Protection Act Breeches

Serious implications of DPA breach

Earlier this month it was confirmed by the government that serious Data Protection Act breaches will be subject to fines of up to £500,000 as new powers were granted to the Information Commission’s Office (ICO) who enforce the regulations. The introduction of fiscal penalties has long been expected after the provision for fines was included in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill of 2008.

Data Protection essential for SMEs too

These powers concern breeches which have hit the headlines over the past few years with government departments loosing personal data, but the impact on SME’s is clear if data is not adequately controlled or protected.

Firms are facing increasing intensity concerning all manner of regulation, especially that of data and whilst it is recognised that smaller firms who service larger organisations do not have the same infrastructure to create data controldepartments, the need for compliance is no less important.

These new powers and fines certainly drive that message home.

Small businesses – we can help you with your Data Protection Act Compliance

If you are handling personal data, it’s crucuial to have a Data Protection Policy.

Our Data Protection Policy template can help you towards your compliance.

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Last Updated : September 21st, 2012


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  1. Guybrush

    Well I don’t know about serious data protection breeches, but recently I did buy some whimsical privacy jodhpurs…