2 Day Hackathon Guide – Simple Step by Step – plus the mistakes to avoid

Delivery Guide and template for an Innovation Hackathon Event

Running a 2-Day Hackathon – Use our Simple Steps and avoid common issues. Keep the event moving, and your participants happy!

This guide is based on 10 years of experience in 2 Day Hackathon event management and digital R&D programmes, and is part of our Innovation Hackathon Template Pack.

How will this guide help me?

  • It helps you plan a 2 Day Hackathon Event so that it runs smoothly.
  • You will avoid common Hackathon mistakes.
  • It gives you tips to prevent your Hackathon participants getting bored or frustrated at your event.
  • It emphasises the important factors.

2 Day Hackathon Guide Contents:

  1. Introduction: Key Elements – Where to focus for Hack Day Delivery.
  2. The “Get in” – Before the Hack Day starts.
  3. Registration – Ensure your participants can get in quickly.
  4. Kickoff – Avoid pitfalls, and start your event with a bang!
  5. Support – Help your participants make the most of their time.
  6. Group Updates – Get your participants to share their progress.
  7. Demo Session – Live demos of all the prototypes.
  8. Judging, Prizes, Close – Guidance for the judging and awarding of prizes.
  9. Retrospective – Ensure that you learn for your next Hack Day Event.
  10. Next Steps – In order to maximise Return on Investment, plan further Hack Day Events.

PPT / Keynote Contents:

2 Day Hackathon Guide Slides
Hackathon Delivery Guide Slides

You can find out more about Hack Days on the Wikipedia Page.

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