Innovation Hack Event Business Case Guide & Template (PPT & Keynote)

6 Part Business Case Guide for an Innovation Hack Event (FROST)

The business case guide template for your Innovation Hack Event: Argue the benefits to your organisation and staff using these 60 slides of guidance and templates.

This guide includes 60 slides: introductions, templates, guidance and editorial support materials for building your Hack Event business case.

Based on Lessons Learned

This is based on our practical experience and lessons learned designing, running and participating in Innovation events and Hack Events from 2001-2018.

6 Template Guide Sections

  1. Rationale: The strategic arguments to hold a Hack Event.
  2. Benefits: The benefits for organisations and staff.
  3. Expectation Management: Manage stakeholders carefully.
  4. Hack Event Canvas: A useful format to make the plans clear.
  5. Three Horizons: A strategic look at your innovation pipeline and Hack Events’ role.
  6. FROST Innovation Framework: A useful framework for generating a healthy innovation pipeline.

How this Hack Event Business Case Guide Will Help You

  • These 60 slides give you a structured background and set of approaches to explain and argue the case for a Hack Event.
  • The slides can be used as templates to create a presentation, or as a guide to follow.
  • The approach is useful for both in-house innovation events, and industry collaboration events.
  • The approach focusses on Hack Events that involve prototyping, because all good innovation events are about that.
  • Pages with the yellow and black stripes at the bottom provide additional guidance and context, and should be removed if you use this as a presentation template.
  • It is a “Toolbox” approach: You do not need to use all the tools, but just the ones you need.
  • These guides form part of the FROST Innovation Framework, and can also be used standalone.

Arranged for easy understanding and rapid use

This deck includes templates, background information, lessons learned and helpful guidance slides.

Business Case Guide and Templates for a Hack Event - Contents - 60 slides

Business Case Guide and Templates for a Hack Event – Contents – 60 slides

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