Design your Innovation Hack Event – Guide & Template (PPT and Keynote)

This 8-Part template comes with the crucial basics plus editorial guidance slides to help you design your first Innovation Hack Event.

Avoid Common Hack Event Mistakes!

This guide has been designed from experience at many many hack events, good and bad. Avoid making mistakes by sticking to the guidance in these 8 sections!

8 Template Guide Sections

  1. Roadmap: understand and plan the timeline.
  2. Brand: develop your Hack Event brand.
  3. Theme: create a theme to excite your participants.
  4. Challenges: set out the real world challenges.
  5. Target Participants: ensure you get a mix of skills.
  6. Location: avoid mistakes in choosing a venue.
  7. Schedule: set an optimised schedule for the event.
  8. Support: ensure you plan the right support elements.

Plan your Hack Event

The Hack Event Roadmap

The Hack Event Roadmap Template

Set an Exciting Hack Event Theme

Excite your participants with your Hack Event Theme

Excite your participants with your Hack Event Theme

Template Contents

Designing an Innovation Hack Event

Designing an Innovation Hack Event – 62 slides including templates and editorial guidance.

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