Gantt Chart Excel Template

An Excel Gantt Chart Template with multiple formats.

Create a gantt chart in Microsoft Excel quickly with this Gantt Chart Excel Template. It includes 12 month, 18 month and 24 month formats, with 2-4 workstreams. The format is Google Sheets compatible.

If you want to create a rapid google sheets gantt chart, or a Microsoft Excel Gantt Chart, use this template!

Ideal for remote team collaboration

Simply upload this template to Google Drive, and you can use to create and edit the Gantt chart with your team, online, whilst in a team conference call, or collaborating over chat (Slack / Google Chat / Yammer etc).

This template includes:

1) Gantt Chart with 12 Months Timeline and 2 Workstreams

Excel Gantt Chart with 12 months and 2 workstreams – Pictured in Google Sheets

Ideal for chart template google sheets creation; you can collaborate and create the gantt chart with your colleagues whilst on a video call, or on Slack.

2) Gantt Chart with 18 Months Timeline and 2 Workstreams

Excel Gantt Chart with 18 months, 2 workstreams, multiple deliverables

3) Gantt Chart with 2 Years Timeline and 2 Workstreams

Gantt Chart Excel Template format - showing 2 year timeline and two workstreams

Excel Gantt Chart with 24 months, 2 workstreams, multiple deliverables

4) Gantt Chart format showing 2 years and 3 Workstreams

Gantt Chart Excel Template with 2 year timeline, and 3 workstreams.

Excel Gantt Chart with 2 years and 3 Workstreams – pictured in MS Excel

5) Gantt Chart showing 24 Months and 4 Workstreams

Excel Gantt Chart Template – 4 Workstreams, Multiple Deliverables, and 2 years Timeline.

This Gantt Chart Excel Template is google sheets compatible.

This template can be uploaded and used with Google Sheets in Google Drive.

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