Google Sheets Compatible Roadmap Template (Excel)

Google Sheets Roadmap Template

This Google Sheets Roadmap Template can be uploaded and used on Google Drive (G Suite) for business, so that you can use our professional roadmap layouts easily.

This template is in Microsoft Excel format, which is supported by Google Drive. You can use this on your own machine in MS Excel format, and you can upload to Google Sheets so that you can use it online, in Google Drive.

Once uploaded, the roadmap can be edited using basic Google Sheets editing tools, so that you can change the Roadmap to your own project and product plans.

The Google Sheets Roadmap Template includes

A) Google Drive Transition Plan Roadmap Template

This Transition Plan Roadmap – compatible with Google Sheets – helps you present the “Starting State”, the “Transition”, and the “Target State” so that you can communicate your transition plans quickly!

A google drive compatible Transition Roadmap Template

Our google drive compatible Transition Roadmap Template – just upload to Google Sheets

It also include a legend showing Red, Amber and Green risk levels, plus a “BAU” for Business As Usual, for those items that your organisation is already used to.

B) Google Sheets Compatible Product Roadmap Template

This is one of our popular Product Roadmap Formats made into a simple Google Sheets compatible format, so that you can upload to Google Drive and use with your team.

Google Sheets Roadmap Template

Google Sheets Roadmap Template – upload and use in Google Drive

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