Hackathon Task Checklist and Status Dashboard (Excel)

Hackathon Checklist

Keep track of your Hackathon Event tasks: This Hackathon Task Checklist is based on years of experience, and makes event rollout simple.

Use this template to keep track as you proceed through your event design, rollout and delivery.

Template Features:

  1. Dashboard Sheet: Shows the status of each task area and attendee list.
  2. Task Checklist Sheet: Standard Hackathon Event task list.
  3. Attendee List Sheet: List and track your attendees.
  4. Help Page: Provides help, guidance and tips to help you use the template.
  5. Google Sheets Compatible: This Excel template can be used in Google Sheets.
  6. Office 365 Compatible: Use this Excel template online with Office 365.

Easy to use Excel Template.

This template and dashboard uses basic Excel features, so you do not need to worry about fiddly macros or complicated charts.

Task List Page.

This simple task list provides the list of 70+ standard Hackathon event tasks for you to use as a Checklist.

Hackathon Event Checklist Worksheet

Hackathon Event Checklist Worksheet – simple task list format for tracking status

Checklist Help Page.

The Help Page explains what each sheet is for.

Hackathon Checklist Help Page

Hackathon Checklist Help Page

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