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How to run your own Hackathon: The complete template pack.

This Hack Day Event Template Discount Bundle guides you through the Hack Event design and delivery process. Achieve your goal and avoid common mistakes.

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Based on years of Innovation Hackathon Event experience

Hackathon events can take all shapes and sizes, depending on your resources, participants and business goals. These templates provide context and guidance, so that you can design and deliver your innovation hackathon events.

Hackathons are used regularly by top global companies

According to HackerEarth, over 80% of Fortune 100 companies conduct hackathons for innovation purposes, and of those more than 50% are recurring events.

From our experience in the Digital Media sector, hackathons are used regularly as an innovation tool to rapidly explore a challenge with multidiscipline teams.

Benefits of holding Hackathon Events

  1. Create and test ideas rapidly: Prove good ideas quickly, and reduce the cost of failure.
  2. Increase collaboration: Encourage cross-functional and cross-team collaboration.
  3. Generate excitement: Participants explore adventurous ideas in an exciting and safe environment.
  4. Boost staff attraction and retention: Create a buzz in your professional community, and improve the morale of your teams.
  5. Generate a competitive advantage: Boost your overall productivity with this lean approach to ideation.

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