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Innovation Project Toolbox Discount Bundle

This collection of Innovation Project Templates includes expert editorial guidance, & professional designs. Save now with the Innovation Project Toolbox.

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What do you mean by an “Innovation Project”?

It can be many things! Our definition for this Toolbox is:

An Innovation Project delivers and tests new ideas that answer your strategic challenges, rapidly, using an efficient and inspirational approach.

This Toolbox of Templates focusses on:

  1. Making the most of your staff’s creativity, talent and expertise.
  2. Making the most of your existing partnerships.
  3. Supporting your business cases for innovation projects.
  4. Following some simple rules to create an open innovation environment.
  5. Using Rapid Prototyping to test ideas quickly (and avoid gassing and arm-waving).
  6. Helping you transfer your Innovation Project through to Production “Business as usual”.

How will this Innovation Project Toolbox help me?

It will save you time in planning and production.

This innovation project toolbox builds on experience from our consultants in innovation initiatives in all sizes of organisations.

There is editorial guidance, process guidance, and slide templates to help you create your plans and documentation quickly.

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This Discount Bundle includes these 15 Templates:

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