Keynote Disaster Recovery Plan Presentation Template

Disaster Recovery Plan Implementation and Test Plan

This Keynote Disaster Recovery Plan Template is the ideal DRP Exec Summary: Line Items, Implementation, Dashboard, Robustness, and Yearly Review Templates.

Are you swamped in massive PDFs and ISO documentation? Need a simple approach to help you create your DRP?

I need something straightforward to help me understand and formulate my Disaster Recovery Plan!

Use this simple approach to plan & present your Disaster Recovery Plan.

This disaster recovery plan format has been created by our consultants to keep your DRP planning and presentation as simple and speedy as possible.

This template includes 30 slides, 13 of which are “help and guidance information” from our experts.

The “Five S” DRP approach helps you outline your key impact management requirements.

This template includes a number of slide formats that explain and guide your through DRP planning and testing using these “Five S” areas:-

  1. Systems
  2. Services
  3. Staff
  4. Suppliers
  5. Sites

The Keynote Disaster Recovery Plan Template Sections:

  1. Introduction to the DRP Basics.
    • Guidance and help on DRP basics.
  2. The “Five S” DRP Approach.
    • A simple way to plan for all impacts in your business.
  3. DRP Line Items Templates.
    • To list DRP Line Items in each of the “Five S” areas.
  4. DRP Implementation Plan Template.
    • To present the timeline to your stakeholders.
  5. DRP Dashboard Template.
    • To show the overall status of your DRP.
  6. DRP Robustness Dashboard Template.
    • Shows issues and confidence in each of the “Five S” areas.
  7. Yearly DRP Review Template.
    • To assist with your (at least) annual check and update process for your DRP.

Two Dashboards for Executive Summary Reporting.

Progress Dashboard:

Keynote Disaster Recovery Plan Template - Status Report

Keynote Disaster Recovery Plan Template – Dashboard

Robustness Dashboard:

DRP Robustness Dashboard Template, with dials

DRP Robustness Dashboard Template, with dials to show RAG Status

This Template includes guidance and help slides to make the process easy for you!

The Disaster Recovery Plan Executive Summary Keynote Template

The Keynote Disaster Recovery Plan Template includes 32 slides and helpful process guidance for each area.

The guidance slides have yellow and black stripes, so that you can easily recognise them, and take them out before making your presentation 🙂

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