Keynote Status Report Template (Mac Compatible)

Keynote Status Report Template

This Keynote Status Template a selection of 13 status slide designs to help you communicate your Project and Product updates. Show progress & key messages!

13 Project Status Templates in 1 Keynote File.

Keynote Status Template - selection of Slides.

Keynote Status Template – selection of Slides.

Features of the Keynote Status Report Template

  1. A selection of Project Status Report and Highlight Report Templates
    1. Suitable for a range of project types and sizes
    2. Great for quick Stakeholder update meetings
    3. Ideal for Agile Project status updates
  2. Status Report template slides
    1. Status Report Template with Summary focus
    2. Status Report Template with Dashboard & Progress Dials
    3. Status Report with Pie Chart for progress reporting
    4. Status Report with Agile Burndown for progress reporting
    5. Status Report with RAG in 4 report areas
    6. Status Report Roadmap, with Dashboard
  3. Highlight Report template slides
    1. Highlight Report with 6 report areas
    2. Highlight Report with 5 areas and “coming soon”
    3. Highlight Report with Summary + 4 areas
    4. Highlight Report with “Coming Soon”
  4. A “Next Steps” template focussed on ACTIONS

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