Legal Rate Analysis Excel Template – Compare hourly rates across countries and matters

This Legal Rate Analysis template provides a structured way to compare legal rates by geography and type of matter with automatically populated summaries.

This Legal Rate Analysis excel template allows you to compare legal firm hourly rates across type of matter and country. Simply enter the hourly rates for each firm, the type of matter, and the country, and the template will automatically calculate a weighted comparison. This will help you to quickly and easily identify the most cost-effective legal firm for your needs.


  • Automatically calculates a weighted comparison of legal firm hourly rates by billing seniority.
  • Supports multiple types of matters and countries.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Auto generates summaries of spend to allow a quick and simple comparison.


  • Save time by quickly and easily comparing legal firm hourly rates.
  • Simplify complex data to make it easy to understand and compare.
  • Make more informed decisions about which legal firm to hire.
  • Get the best possible insight into your legal fees.

Legal Rate Analysis by Country

This summary page uses array formulas to automatically display the firm name with the lowest hourly rate and the corresponding rate.

High Level Rate Summary

Whilst this template will allow to to analyse your own legal rates, you can always compare your spend to others for further insights.

Want to compare your legal spend to others? Try this free resource.

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