Proof of Concept (PowerPoint)

A Proof of Concept template designed with the corporate world in mind – a PowerPoint created to help convey all the important parts of your concept with delivery outcomes to give you the best chance of executive sign-off.

Sometimes it feels that generating that killer idea or project is the easy part – getting corporate sign off to actually run the proof of concept can feel like an up hill struggle. Compliance and governance only grows stronger so in order to give your project the best chance of approval is to present a very clear outline of what it is you want to do, how you will do it and why you should do it.

This template has been created to help you do exactly that; present your idea in the best possible way to achieve that green light.

This template features;

  • High level hypothesis and success criteria
  • Key factors that have been explored (business justification, market & approach, risk, legal and financial)
  • Approval matrix based on cost and effort
  • Key benefit and risks
  • Internal financial and resource planning
  • Project timeline with road map of activities
  • Project delivery indicators with dynamic dials
  • Benefit delivery tracking
  • Appendix with combined PEST and Porters market analysis

Business justification with factors considered

Road map, delivery status and benefits

Combined PEST and Porters Analysis

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Last Updated : February 7th, 2018


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