Supplier Procurement Tender Tool Timeline Template (Visio)

The ultimate 1 side Supplier Procurement Tender management tool. This Timeline Template helps clearly plan and manage each phase of Supplier Procurement.

What does this template give me?

An easy way to demonstrate the Supplier Procurement Tender Plan to stakeholders and wider teams.

It demonstrates:-

  1. PROCESS: the process steps involved in delivering a tender.
  2. PROGRESS: progress at both a high and low level.
  3. PERFORMANCE: delivery against expected outcomes.

Features of this Supplier Procurement Tender Tool Timeline Template:-

  1. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Actual procurement steps to take when running a tender.
  2. AUTO-UPDATING TIMELINES: An automatically updated master timeline showing overall progress against the high level tender plan.
  3. MASTER TIMELINE: The overall plan is broken down into smaller plans showing further detail of how to run a tender, along the Master Timeline.
  4. TIMELINES FOR EACH STEP IN THE PROCESS: These individual work plans so that multiple people / teams are also automatically updated so that progress can be seen and measured at all levels, particularly useful if multiple people or teams are involved in the tender process.
  5. RISK REPORTING: Red, Amber Green ratings are provided on each activity.
  6. TENDER OUTCOMES & PERFORMANCE: A tender outcome area which captures previous performance, expected performance and forecast performance i.e. is the “what value I have added” area.

This template has been used to great effect when needing to demonstrate to a wider audience exactly what a procurement or supply team is doing, the type of work involved and how lots of different activity needs to be completed to deliver a good final outcome.

Supplier Procurement Tender Template - legend showing Operational Risk Level

Supplier Procurement Tender Template – legend showing Operational Risk Level

Each time the document is saved the template will automatically update the timeline on the sub-categories so that progress against plan can be easily seen.

Supplier Procurement Tender Template - 4 timelines that auto update with current date.

Supplier Procurement Tender Template – 4 timelines that auto update with current date.

The Tender Outcomes area shows a status with previous performance, target, and actuals

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What should I use this template for?

You can use it to guide you through the preparation, tender, and selection phases of procurement. It shows you the process of a tender, how to report on the progress of that tender, and the delivery of that tender. It can be equally applied to a benchmarking activity, Request for Information (RFI), or a Request for a Proposal (RFP).

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