How do I know what format is compatible with my computer?

Which format works best on my machine so I know which one to buy.












At a quick glance it can be confusing so we have put together a simple visual guide to help you through.

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More detail

For those who might want a little more detail.


Visio is a great tool, but increasingly with every new release we find that if you are running an older version such as 2003 then the backward compatibility (how well a newer release will work on your software version) can be less than ideal.

In terms of MAC users, there are applications which will open Visio but from our experience, unless you have Windows AND have bought the Visio licence, DON’T buy a Visio product.

Word and Pages

Of the two, the functionality of Word for Windows is slightly ahead – if you open a word document in pages you will often get a short message appearing stating that some functionality (nearly always fonts) cannot be opened in Pages. In the most part there are no real issues though.

Pages into Windows is a different issue; we’ve stated above that you cannot open a Page document on a Windows device; actually, you can but you have to right-click, save locally, rename to Zip and then open.

Excel and Numbers

From our use of both, excel is a better product with far more functionality. If you open an Excel document in Numbers there is nearly always some functionality that goes missing such as graph formats etc.

Again, like with Word and Pages, Excel does NOT recognise a Numbers document and will not open it.

Powerpoint and Keynote

We are fans of both, with pro’s and cons to each. As above, opening a Powerpoint presentation in Keynote will throw up some Font compatibility issues, plus if there are any embedded graphs they might be affected too.

Keynote to Powerpoint is another no – there are forums that state by saving locally etc it can be done, but best advise is to get whoever sent you the keynote to first export as a Powerpoint.


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