How do I manage a recovery from a serious project crisis?

I am running a large project, and it has gone very badly wrong. How do I organise a plan for recovery?


STAY CALM! Approach this in a focused and prioritised manner:

  1. Bring RAID items up to date: Update your Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies.
  2. Document “Actions” & “Repairs” required: With the main managers/leaders of the project in question, devise a list of “Actions” and “Repairs” required to recover the project.
  3. “Work Packages”: Create a list of deliverables required that the current team are unable to deliver; these are your recovery “Work Packages”
  4. Plan into 3 Phases: Plan the Work Packages, Actions and Repairs into timeboxes for
    1. Control: The first phase, to get the situation under control.
    2. Recover: The second phase – the main body of work to
    3. Transition & Closure: The final phase – to move the project and related deliverables into “Business As Usual” (BAU).

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