How do I present a Marketing conversion funnel?

I have been asked to setup a marketing "conversion funnel" and am not sure how to do it. What's required?


  1. Establish 3 to 5 key stages that your relationship with your customer goes through.
  2. This should start from first contact, include intermediate stages, and finish with your ultimate objective – e.g. “Purchase product”.
  3. Arrange these stages into a linear process; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  4. Research and establish how to measure and report the customer engagement at each stage.

That is your “Conversion Funnel”; you can now measure the % of customers that “Convert” from start to finish, and importantly you can monitor where you “Leak” customers along the way.

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More detail

There are many ways to approach “Conversion Funnels”. There are also many different views on how much you should rely on them,…

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