How do I present investment in Innovation?

How do I best present my investment in Innovation? Are there some standard formats or diagrams?


You can present investment by a) Show a split of near term & long term strategic investment, b) group by Innovation Type: Business As Usual (delivering each week), Incremental (every 3 months) and c) Step Change (once a year). You can also group by Innovation delivery approach: 1) Hack Event, 2) Ongoing Programme, and 3) Incubator.


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More detail

1) Strategic Innovation Investment:

Use the Eisenhower Matrix to show your allocation to Strategic projects. For a portfolio this means you split investment into matrix similar to this:

Eisenhower Matrix used for Innovation Project % Resource Allocation

NB – people take offence when their projects are categorised as “unimportant”, so it’s prudent to use “high & low priority” instead.

2) Innovation Type:

Categorise your innovation projects by type of innovation:

  1. “BAU”: A % of your team’s time is allocated to innovation projects. e.g “One in Ten” in many organisations.
  2. “Incremental”: Fold-in regular innovation opportunities to your delivery approach. e.g. in Agile delivery methods, this can be a natural part of your iteration; the team is able to innovate to solve real problems.
  3. “Step Change”: Investment in high-risk experiments, and activities that are permitted to fail, in order to open significantly different, novel opportunities.

3) Innovation Delivery Approach:

  1. Hack Event (days)
  2. Programme (months)
  3. Incubator / Workstream (years)

Short on time?

try one of these templates:

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