How do I setup an Innovation Programme in a large organisation?

Our organisation is large, and quite conservative. How do I go about setting up a new innovation programme?


  1. Outline the problem: what are we trying to solve?
  2. Set out the solution: how will we solve the challenge?
  3. Show plans, resource costs, and KPIs: how will we know we are successful?
  4. Introduce the winning leadership team: why are we the best for the job?

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More detail

Steps to setting up an innovation programme in a large organisation.

  1. Set out a problem statement to support your innovation proposal.
  2. Pick an Innovation Framework that gets the best from your staff.
  3. Create a Roadmap to demonstrate the innovation programme plan.
  4. Define how your innovation pipeline will be managed.
  5. Make your case. Good luck!!

However you approach the challenge, the basic ingredients are the same: You will need to secure personnel and resources so that your staff can spend time, regularly, in a supported environment on innovation.

5 Things to AVOID,.. and what to do instead:

  1. AVOID letting staff do what the hell they want. Set a challenge with a simple question: “How might we …?”
  2. AVOID one-off innovation events. The activity must be regular and often.
  3. AVOID putting detailed requirements on “the innovation”. The challenge must be open.
  4. AVOID putting pressure on staff to create “The answer to all our woes”. They must feel safe and unpressurised.
  5. AVOID letting your staff draw pretty pictures of ideas that rely on MAGIC DUST. The focus must be on tangible working prototypes.

Short on time?

try one of these templates:

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