How do I improve my team's performance?

Want a "High performing team"? Wondering how this is done? Here are a few tips and examples.


  1. Set your team’s Mission – the team’s focus and its success criteria.
  2. Ensure that everyone on the team understands it.
  3. Check that all projects and activities are aligned with this focus and the success criteria.

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More detail

Team Performance is always at the front of a manager’s mind. But with so much work on, how do we focus on getting better AS A TEAM?

There are a wealth of publications on this subject, but broadly speaking there is a consensus that:-

  1. Few teams truly achieve a high performing status
  2. Communication cannot be over stated

Is your team clear on its focus & success criteria?

Let’s break this down a little. Imagine the scenario that you have stated your teams goal as delivering a certain project on time, to budget and to deliver the benefits upon which the project got the green light in the first place.

Your Assumption…

Every team member has a copy of this, knows the numbers and their personal year end targets reflect the deliverables.

Job done, right?


Nope – you assumed in error. Part of the problem often faced here is moving from the transactional to the transformational – the numbers are covered but not the motivation of the very people you are reliant on. The clarity of vision is essential; not just the end goal but the journey along the way.

A better question might be how does this look and feel to you as a team member, what does success feel like?

Case Study: a high profile sports team

The best example we have seen of this of late was a motivational video concerning a highly successful sports team.

The goal was to win the championship and all understood this, but the management knew that to really achieve this they had to cover every possible aspect of how this was to look and feel for each member in the team. A squad of 30 players all want to win, but with only a finite amount of first team places, some of the squad were going to be warming the bench.

Although an accepted part of sport, the team spent time discussing and agreeing the etiquette around what happens when your opposite number got a team spot ahead of you. How you would deal with it, who approached who after the team sheet was posted etc.

Nothing was left to chance, all eventualities were covered and the team dynamic grew as a result. Needless to say, they lifted the winning trophy.

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