What makes the best Product Roadmap?

Here is what makes the best product roadmap - avoid all the common issues and problems so that you can make the best.


  1. Keep it simple : It must be readable within 3 minutes!
  2. Bring attention to just a few key messages : Show high risk areas and important launches.
  3. Make the timeline nice and clear : Include start date, end date and one or two milestones.
  4. Use “Red, Amber, Green” status for each item : Clearly show risk profile and RAG status.

Once you have completed your first draft, test it out on some friends: Can they understand it all within 3 minutes? Have they picked up on the important messages?

Improve it with their feedback, and then test it again!

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More detail

Here is an example of a simple Roadmap format. You can see how the timeline, workstreams and milestones are clearly understandable even with just a quick glance.

1.5 Year PPT Roadmap with Milestones

This simple 1.5 year powerpoint roadmap shows a summary of Product Plans, and is easy to read in under a minute.

Using a Roadmap to show a Transition

You can see at the top of this roadmap format how the “transition” is clearly shown with a start state, intermediate state, and target state. See also the risk level explained in the legend.

Excel Transition Plan Template - DRP format

Excel Transition Plan Template – Show the change in Systems, Services, Suppliers, Staff and Sites (DRP)

Tips so that you can avoid common issues, and create the best product roadmap

  1. Avoid cramming in every detail! You just need the simple shape of the product story; everything should be summarised.
  2. Avoid small text: Keep the fonts large and the messages bold! Try testing your Roadmap at 5 feet distance. Can you read it?
  3. Use a maximum of 6 workstreams: If you have loads of “workstreams”, try summarising them in 6 or less. Any more than this becomes hard to digest, and your stakeholders will forget.

Short on time?

try one of these templates:

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