What templates can I use for New Product Development?

New Product Development in internet and software industries has some popular processes. See templates here.


  1. Strategic Planning Templates
  2. Innovation Templates
  3. Roadmap Templates
  4. Resource Planning Templates
  5. Release Planning Templates
  6. Transition / Change Project Templates

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More detail

There are a variety of types of “New Product”, from something fairly fast turnaround in a small team, right through to a large scale innovation in a large corporation. This spectrum of use cases has some similar patterns.

Whatever the New Product you are working on, here are some useful template areas::

  1. Strategic Planning TemplatesExplore the market and the environmental factors that are relevant to your New Product:-
    1. PESTLE
    2. SWOT
    3. Brainstorming & Impact
  2. Innovation Templates – Develop and manage new innovation capabilities:-
    1. Making a business case for a new Innovation Capability
    2. Innovation Status Report
  3. Roadmap Templates – Refine and communicate your Product Plans with a Roadmap format:-
    1. Visio formats (for A3)
    2. Powerpoint Roadmap formats
  4. Resource Planning Templates – Plan and Manage the allocation of your resource bandwidth:-
    1. Agile Resource Planning
    2. Project Resource Planning
  5. Release Planning Templates – Use standard Agile approaches to plan your major releases:-
    1. MVP – Minimum Viable Product
    2. User Story Mapping
    3. Rollout Planning
  6. Transition / Change Project TemplatesHelp your organisation make a transition to enable your New Product:-
    1. Cultural Change
    2. Change Management

Short on time?

try one of these templates:

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