The BDUK Team

About Business Documents UK

Who we are

Business Documents UK LTD was conceived as an idea back in 2009 and incorporated as a business in 2011.

Since this time we have sold templates to customers in over 160 countries in 21 currencies.

All of our content is designed and created by ourselves and our consultants, and we are really proud of what we do. As importantly (and some would argue sadly) we really enjoy it.

The Founders

There are 2 founders of BDUK – Matt  and Ian. Do feel free to check out our profiles on Linkedin and get in touch.

What we do

  1. We provide document templates to help present business documents.
  2. e.g. a a Crisis Management dashboard to help project managers manage a challenging project, or Roadmaps to help Product Managers with planning
  3. The document templates we provide are based on real-life templates used in a professional setting.
  4. We provide what we consider to be fit-for-purpose instructions
  5. We do not provide materials to train users on the software in question – we have assumed some experience

Contact us if you would like some guidance.

Some of our Customer Testimonials