About us

How it started

Business Documents UK LTD was conceived as an idea back in 2009 when a team member* (let’s call them “Mark”) chose to purchase a Porters 5 Forces template rather than undertake the research themselves (despite very clear instructions to do so). They insisted that they weren’t lazy but had worked out the cost benefit ratio of the purchase compared to undertaking their own research and creation.

The template itself was OK, and it stirred a thought in the founders’ minds; day in and day out we were seeing documents used and presented to stakeholders which whilst entirely functional, did not put the individual or project in the best light. Gantt charts were printed in A3 or on a screen surrounded by sets of squinting eyes trying to see the detail, PowerPoints were crammed full of animations but did not clearly set out project definitions or progress, and Visios were used for swim lanes only.

We had also noticed that anyone presenting a half decent looking document got infinitely more kudos than documents with far better content but worse design. We are not saying that design is the be all and end all but a well thought out template carries more weight than one that isn’t.

So with this in mind, Business Docs UK Ltd (BDUK) was born.

Who we are

There are 2 founders of BDUK – Matt and Ian – who work with various consultants in different fields of expertise. As a team we design and create everything OURSELVES – always original.

Matt spent much of his career at the BBC, founding the News Labs and #newsHACK programmes, developing teams and initiatives, and generally working out how best to deliver innovation in a red tape factory. Matt has 20 years of experience on Web projects, 15 on Broadcast & Internet tech, 12 on Agile Project Management, and 5 on Innovation programmes.

Ian has spent 20 years in various corporations (being less loyal to one company than Matt) 15 of which was running procurement and supply chains across multiple spends and disciplines. This includes 6 years managing and sourcing suppliers for Allianz Plc and co-operating with multiple global suppliers. In this time he has run something like 100 tender programmes, has managed supply chains with spends in the hundreds of millions and has used procurement to accelerate innovation and change.

We are proud of what we do here and as important we really enjoy it – please do feel free to contact us with any questions, or just for a chat.

What happened to Mark, the team member?

* Mark moved from large corporation to large corporation including KPMG and is now a very successful consultant in his own right.

What we do

  1. We provide document templates to help present business documents. e.g. a a Crisis Management dashboard to help project managers manage a challenging project, or Roadmaps to help Product Managers with planning
  2. The document templates we provide are based on real-life templates used in a professional setting.
  3. We provide what we consider to be fit-for-purpose instructions
  4. We do not provide materials to train users on the software in question – we have assumed some experience

Contact us if you would like some guidance.

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