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Business Areas

Excel Transition Plan Template

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the development of new capabilities to enable organisations to achieve faster and more efficient innovation.

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Templates, Guides, FAQs, HowTos and features around Finance business processes.

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Three Horizons Innovation Pipeline strategy template


Continuous Innovation: The ongoing exploration and combination of ideas, technology and business models to create new products and services, and to excite your talented staff.

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Strategy Roadmap Template Powerpoint

New Product Development (NPD)

Templates and guides to create a lean business plan, a release plan for your MVP, then launch your product to market & amaze your customers.

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Operations is a key function in any business. Led by the COO, operations can cover a wide range of business-critical processes.

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Supplier Procurement Tender Timeline Template (Visio)


Procurement, supplier selection and tender processes – find updates, templates, FAQs and HowTo guides.

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Project Management

Browse our Project Management resources and materials here. From market-leading templates, to expert insights.

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Powerpoint Sales Roadmap with Infographics

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing template, thought leadership, processes and FAQs from our experts.

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Presenting your Strategy on One Page


Templates, features, FAQs, business processes and HowTo guides for Business Strategy areas.

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Supply Chain Management

A range of Supply Chain Management templates, guides, FAQs and features from Supply Chain professionals.

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Ready-Made Discount Packs

Ready-Made discount packs featuring our popular templates with a bundle discount. Get at least 30% off, and up to 80% discount from the individual list prices by purchasing these Ready-Made Discount Packs.

Strategic Planning Tools – Discount Bundle

These strategic planning tools formats have been refined by our professionals through years of experience, so that you can save time and make your planning, reporting, and communication as impressive as possible, rapidly.

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Project Status Report Template Discount Bundle (PPT & Excel)

All of our Project Status Report Template formats in one discount package. Enjoy our professional formats for delivery status, risk status, rollout status, and innovation status. All in easy-to-edit Powerpoint and Excel.

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Digital Transformation Templates - professional formats

Digital Transformation Templates – Discount Bundle

This selection of Digital Transformation Templates includes formats that have been used in over 120 countries by more than 5000 professionals. Download now to save time create great documents quickly.

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Risk Log and Transition Plan Template Deal

Risk Log and Transition Management Template Deal (PPT & Excel)

This Risk Log and Transition Management Template Pack provides professional risk logs, and transition planning tools. Download at more than 70% discount.

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Procurement and Supply Chain Templates

Document templates focussed on procurement and Supply Chain Management. These templates cover a variety of processes and Procurement Scenarios, including Tender templates and performance assessment templates.


Comparison Template

A stylish PowerPoint comparison template which lets you quickly and effectively show the difference between different companies or products.

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Supply Chain and Procurement Management (Powerpoint)

A guide to supply chain and procurement activity to enable cost control of a supply chain. Provides an overview and detail of what to do.

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Supply Chain Cost

Supply Chain Cost Template (PowerPoint)

A step by step guide showing you how to establish and present your supply chain costs and how to start making savings.

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Supplier Segmentation (Excel)

To manage your supply chain, you need to segment suppliers accordingly so that your resources and efforts are spent in the right place. This template enables you to do this and has a detailed list of supplier activities required to effectively manage your supply chain.

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Product Management and New Product Development (NPD)

A selection of Product Management templates for use in New Product Development. Executive Summary, Roadmaps, New Product Planning, Innovation Transfer and more. Use these NPD templates and tools to set the strategy and communicate your new product plans rapidly and with clarity. Use these templates to explore and present your New Product plans.

Detailed checklist

MoSCoW Analysis

MoSCoW template featuring checklist formats for presentation and reporting. A PowerPoint template which clearly defines priorities and reports progress.

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STEEPLE Cheat Sheet - Powerpoint Template

STEEPLE Cheat Sheet (2021)

Use this STEEPLE Cheat Sheet PowerPoint so that you can create your analysis rapidly. Ideal for virtual workshops too. Includes updated factors relevant to 2021.

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Excel Transition Plan Template - DRP format

Excel Transition Plan Template

The Microsoft Excel Transition Plan Template presents your transition in simple roadmap graphic, so that anyone can understand it rapidly. Starting state, plans, milestones, risk level and target state. Simple.

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Rolling out an Industry Hackathon Event

Hackathon Rollout Guide – Getting Ready: Generate Excitement and Avoid Mistakes (PPT & Keynote)

From “green light” through to your event day, this guide helps you roll out your Hackathon. Avoid common issues, and get pointers for a great event.

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