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PESTLE Analysis Templates

Find your PESTLE template here and save time and money. These PESTLE templates help you with your presentation so that you can be ready fast.

PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. It creates a strategic analysis model so that you cover off all angles in your product planning.

Created by professionals, these templates save you time and avoid common issues and mistakes, so that you can make your professional presentation quickly!

Roadmap Templates & Slides Downloads

Leave your gantt charts at home and impress your boardroom with these professional roadmap templates. These roadmapping templates are easy to edit, and they are available in many formats.

Roadmap templates are an important format in Product Management. A professional roadmap template enables product managers and project managers to quickly communicate project plans, milestones and risks on 1 side of paper.

RAID Templates

We have a leading collection of professional RAID templates, including Charts, Tools, and Examples, so that you can get going on your RAID reports quickly.

STEEPLE Analysis Examples and Templates

STEEPLE Analysis involves analysing external factors in these areas: Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical factors.

This enables leaders and product managers to make plans that leverage opportunities and avoid threats.

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Strategy Best Practice

How do I create a Transition Plan for my Organisation?

A Transition Plan is used to manage the change from an existing organisational state to a new state.

How do I create an effective product strategy, quickly?

A good Product Strategy is simple and focused. Whatever your product is, and whatever pain points it solves, focus on your strengths.

How do I define PESTLE?

Define PESTLE – find the answers to common questions, and how PESTLE should be used.

PESTLE Factors

Need help defining and prioritizing your PESTLE? Let us show you how easy it is to build out your PESTLE analysis and all the many factors that go into it.

How do I plan a successful in-house Innovation Programme?

What are the simple principles to follow, to create an inspirational and successful innovation programme? Find out here.

How do I present a Strategy Progress Report?

Executives and stakeholders have short attention spans. Use this guide to focus on important points.

How do I present my Strategy On One Page?

It is tempting to squeeze all of your information into a page, but this is a mistake. Use this tried and tested format.

How do you present a strategic plan?

A step by step guide to present a strategic plan in a professional format, showing all the important messages.

How to do a STEEPLE analysis

A STEEPLE Analysis can be useful for product planning, strategy and marketing. Create your STEEPLE so that you avoid threats, and make the most of opportunities.

How do I do a PESTEL analysis?

PESTEL, or PESTLE, is an analysis process to help Marketers, Strategists and Product Managers avoid threats and uncover opportunities.

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Last Updated : November 6th, 2020