Operations is a key function in any business. Led by the COO, operations can cover a wide range of business-critical processes.

This collection of Operations categories includes downloadable templates, features, HowTo processes and more.

Operations Template Collections

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the practise of planning and being prepared for the worst – i.e. how does your business cope if a disaster strikes?

Change Management

Change Management is the business approach that takes individuals, teams and organisations through a change. For any change management project (or “programme”), there are a desired set of outcomes and success factors. A change programme will usually involve careful attention to HR (or personnel) factors, as people generally do not enjoy changes in processes they are used to.

Use these templates to help design, communicate and manage your Change Management plans.

Dashboards, Reports and Status Presentations

It’s essential to have a format which quickly communicates Project Status – see our Dashboards and Status templates.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is extremely important. Download ready-made planning, preparation, response, and recovery templates for business disasters and emergencies. These templates help you respond and recover from business disasters.

Human Resources Templates (HR)

A collection of templates that can be used for human resources, team development and to improve team performance. Tried and tested approaches from experienced professionals.

RAG Status Reports & Dashboards

RAG Status Reports: Find RAG templates and guides here. Red / Amber / Green is used for status reporting and for showing relative levels of risk, issues, uncertainty, and more.

RAID Templates

We have a leading collection of professional RAID templates, including Charts, Tools, and Examples, so that you can get going on your RAID reports quickly.

Operations Blog Topics

Change Management

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a key area of business readiness and business continuity planning.

Human Resources (HR)

HR – Human Resources – templates, articles and How To guides. Get HR help here.

Team Assessment Help

Help and Guidance for professionals who want to assess their teams. This is a positive thing – Team Assessment is a route to optimising your team’s performance

Operations Best Practice

How do I present a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Present a Disaster Recovery Plan to your Exec Board: Status, risk levels, robustness, and more.

How do I present a Project Update?

Your project success relies on you communicating project status. Use these tips and templates to help

How do I present a Strategy Progress Report?

Executives and stakeholders have short attention spans. Use this guide to focus on important points.

How do I score Risk in a Risk Log?

Find out how to score risk, using impact and likelihood, on your risk log. Find templates and avoid problems.

How do I show Risk Level (RAG) on a Roadmap?

How to show the levels of risk, in a useful way, on a Project or Product Roadmap, so that it can be understood quickly.

How do I track project progress?

There are plenty of formats to choose from: Progress Reports, Rollout Roadmaps, Backlogs, Dashboards and more.

What is the best RAG Status graphic?

RAG Status – Red / Amber / Green – can be shown in a variety of formats. Which is the best RAG Status graphic?

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Last Updated : October 25th, 2020