Shipping Policy

The products on this website are digital Рthey are delivered over the internet

The products on this website are digital and do not require conventional “Shipping”. This page outlines the process to purchase and download our products.

How do I get my document templates, if you are not shipping the files to me?

The process to select, purchase and download our Products:-

  1. Use the “Add to Cart” button on the product pages (e.g. a Roadmap Template) to add the Template(s) to the shopping cart.
  2. Click “Checkout” and use one of our secure payment options.
  3. You will then get immediate access to download your templates after your payment is complete.
  4. Your receipt and your download links will be emailed to you.
  5. Download your templates and they are ready to use!
  6. To protect our products your download links will expire in 24 hours for one-time purchases.
  7. If you purchase a subscription package with monthly or yearly fees, you will be able to download your purchased products as part of your login account.