New Product Development (NPD)

Strategy Roadmap Template Powerpoint

The research, design and development of new products.

New Product Development (NPD) Template Collections

Innovation Templates

Templates, Guides and Tools to help with your innovation programmes and projects.

Includes Hack Event design and Planning. Previously known as “Hackathons”. Hack Events have become a standard approach to high intensity collaboration, whereas their predecessors “Hackathons” were more competitive events involving overnighters and pizza.

Marketing and Market Analysis Templates

Use professional marketing templates for your Market Analysis so that you can save time, avoid mistakes, and create a great Market Analysis document very quickly.

Mobile Friendly Formats

Mobile-friendly presentation and reporting templates.

Product Management and New Product Development (NPD)

A selection of Product Management templates for use in New Product Development.

Executive Summary, Roadmaps, New Product Planning, Innovation Transfer and more. Use these NPD templates and tools to set the strategy and communicate your new product plans rapidly and with clarity.

Use these templates to explore and present your New Product plans.

Roadmap Templates & Slides Downloads

Leave your gantt charts at home and impress your boardroom with these professional roadmap templates. These roadmapping templates are easy to edit, and they are available in many formats.

Roadmap templates are an important format in Product Management. A professional roadmap template enables product managers and project managers to quickly communicate project plans, milestones and risks on 1 side of paper.

Startup Templates

We supply a selection of professional startup templates to help you with new product development and Go-To-Market. Download now and save time and money.

STEEPLE Analysis Examples and Templates

STEEPLE Analysis involves analysing external factors in these areas: Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical factors.

This enables leaders and product managers to make plans that leverage opportunities and avoid threats.

New Product Development (NPD) Blog Topics


Business Blog Posts about Agile Project and Product Management. You will find a selection of Agile articles here, and some Agile template resources.


New Product Development (NPD) Best Practice

How do I create a Powerpoint Product Roadmap quickly?

Here’s a step by step guide to create one quickly – 5 minutes for a 1 side Roadmap.

How do I create a Powerpoint Roadmap slide?

I have a presentation to do, which requires a Roadmap Slide – how do I do it in Powerpoint?

How do I create an effective product strategy, quickly?

A good Product Strategy is simple and focused. Whatever your product is, and whatever pain points it solves, focus on your strengths.

How do I make a business case for a Hack Event?

I work in an old-fashioned organisation. They are very risk averse. How might I make the case for a Hack Event?

How do I make an Excel Product Roadmap?

Create a simple Excel Product Roadmap using normal Excel editing tools.

How do I manage an Innovation Pipeline?

There are a variety of approaches to managing innovation pipelines. Here are some tips, information and templates.

How do I show KPIs on a Product Roadmap?

If you need to show KPIs on your Product Roadmap, have a look at these approaches and examples.

How do I show Risk Level (RAG) on a Roadmap?

How to show the levels of risk, in a useful way, on a Project or Product Roadmap, so that it can be understood quickly.

What are the benefits of a Hackathon Event?

Hackathon events (or “hack days”) are a fabulous way of getting the best from your community: a challenge, socialising and intense creativity all mixed to deliver and test bold ideas.

How to do a STEEPLE analysis

A STEEPLE Analysis can be useful for product planning, strategy and marketing. Create your STEEPLE so that you avoid threats, and make the most of opportunities.

How do I do a PESTEL analysis?

PESTEL, or PESTLE, is an analysis process to help Marketers, Strategists and Product Managers avoid threats and uncover opportunities.

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Last Updated : October 28th, 2020