Terms and Conditions

By using this website, or making a purchase, you agree to these terms and conditions.


These here are the latest terms and conditions for our templates & services.

  1. Enjoy your purchase and re-use and re-work it to your hearts content.
  2. Show off your hard work to bosses and co-workers (even friends if the evening starts to drag), but don’t let them have it to use for themselves; you and I have worked too hard to give it away for free.
  3. If you use our stuff in big external presentations, please do give us a name check. We are generally starved of attention.
  4. Use our stuff for good and not evil.
  5. If you use our stuff and create a negative outcome, we cannot be blamed.
  6. If the stuff you buy from us goes in any way wrong (perish the thought!) we will either replace it or refund it and say sorry lots of times, no questions asked.
  7. At the end of the day we’ve work really hard on our stuff so we are always going to own it like proud parents.
  8. If you are mean and palm off our stuff as yours and sell it or even give it away for free we will get really sad and we will tell on you to our lawyers. To be clear: You are not permitted to offer our templates as part of any onward product or service, commercial or otherwise.
  9. You are not allowed to publish online or present our templates as your own templates.
  10. If you don’t agree with the rules, please don’t buy our stuff!
  11. If you want to use our templates for your consultancy, we offer a Consultant License Extension.


  1. We will provide email support to help ensure the product gets to you  after a successful payment (sometimes spam filters erroneously block our emails).
  2. We cannot provide free support to help you edit or understand templates – we are a commercial organisation and cannot work for free. We hope you understand.
  3. If you require after-sales support on your specific project and with your specific knowledge and skills levels, you can purchase a support product to provide you with help for this.


  1. AGAIN, At the end of the day we’ve work really hard on our stuff so we are always going to own it like proud parents – this goes for the text & images on our website too!
  2. If you want to quote our textual content – Please give credit where credit is due, and link to us as the originators.
  3. If you like the images you see on this website, and want to use them as part of your content – you must ask us nicely.
  4. Please do not pass the text or images off as your own*. They are our copyright and IP.

Thank you!

* If you do not credit us, this is as good as palming it off as your own; i.e. being dishonest and infringing copyright by omission.