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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the development of new capabilities to enable organisations to achieve faster and more efficient innovation.

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Change Management

Change Management is the business approach that takes individuals, teams and organisations through a change. For any change management project (or “programme”), there are a desired set of outcomes and success factors. A change programme will usually involve careful attention to HR (or personnel) factors, as people generally do not enjoy changes in processes they are used to.

Use these templates to help design, communicate and manage your Change Management plans.

Digital Transformation - Templates for download

In order to deliver a successful digital transformation, it is now widely accepted that the transformation needs to be Agile. The age of “big bang” digital transformations is over.

Digital Transformation: Deliver Quickly, Early, Efficiently, and then Iterate!

Use these templates to achieve a successful Digital Transformation, so that you can deliver iterative value, and deliver it quickly and early. This helps you achieve your transformation without becoming blocked by scope bloat, and bureaucracy.

Digital Transformation Blog Topics

Change Management

Digital Transformation Best Practice

How do I create a Transition Plan for my Organisation?

A Transition Plan is used to manage the change from an existing organisational state to a new state.

How do I plan a successful in-house Innovation Programme?

What are the simple principles to follow, to create an inspirational and successful innovation programme? Find out here.

What are the benefits of a Hackathon Event?

Hackathon events (or “hack days”) are a fabulous way of getting the best from your community: a challenge, socialising and intense creativity all mixed to deliver and test bold ideas.

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Last Updated : September 29th, 2020