Three Horizons Innovation Pipeline strategy template

The exploration and combination of ideas, technology and business models to create new products, models and processes.

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Includes Hack Event design and Planning. Previously known as “Hackathons”. Hack Events have become a standard approach to high intensity collaboration, whereas their predecessors “Hackathons” were more competitive events involving overnighters and pizza.

Using Hack Events and Hackathons for Innovation

Hack events, “Hack Days” and Hackathons are one of the key tools and approaches to supporting a productive innovation programme. Use these templates and guides to help you learn from industry professionals.

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Innovation Best Practice

How do I make a business case for a Hack Event?

I work in an old-fashioned organisation. They are very risk averse. How might I make the case for a Hack Event?

How do I manage an Innovation Pipeline?

There are a variety of approaches to managing innovation pipelines. Here are some tips, information and templates.

How do I plan a successful in-house Innovation Programme?

What are the simple principles to follow, to create an inspirational and successful innovation programme? Find out here.

How do I present my Strategy On One Page?

It is tempting to squeeze all of your information into a page, but this is a mistake. Use this tried and tested format.

How do I write a problem statement?

Use this short guide to write a Problem Statement, including structure, examples and common mistakes to avoid.

How much does a Hackathon Event cost?

We are planning to hold a Hackathon event. How much does it cost?

What are the benefits of a Hackathon Event?

Hackathon events (or “hack days”) are a fabulous way of getting the best from your community: a challenge, socialising and intense creativity all mixed to deliver and test bold ideas.

What is the best Hackathon Event Schedule?

Our tried and tested Hackathon Event Schedule, to maximize your chances of having a successful Hack event.

What makes a great hackathon?

From the founder of BBC News Labs and the #newsHACK hackathon event series, some tips and tricks.