3Cs and 4Ps PowerPoint Marketing Cheat Sheets – plus 7Ps, 4Cs and 7Cs

The 3Cs and 4Ps PowerPoint helps you create your product’s “marketing mix” using tried and tested professional input. Cheat sheets and standard diagrams are included so that you can save time and look good quickly.

Market your product in the right way

This PowerPoint will show you how 3Cs, 4Ps, 7Ps, 4Cs, and 7Cs are used by professionals to create targeted and optimized marketing strategies. You can use these frameworks in order to focus your strategies on reaching target customers and creating sales.

You don’t want to be stuck with an outdated or incorrect framework that doesn’t work anymore. That’s why you should invest in this PowerPoint now before it expires!

Clarify who your product is for

It’s important to know what your product is, who it’s for, and who your competitors are. This process will help you clarify these things with your team so everyone knows what they are working towards.

Working through this process will help you make sure that every decision made about your product is intentional and well thought out. You can use this as a tool to keep yourself on track during the development of your product or service.

“The 3 Cs”

Factors required for a successful strategy:-

  • Customer.
  • Company.
  • Competitors.

“The 4 Ps”

The framework for marketing decisions:-

  • Product.
  • Price.
  • Place.
  • Promotion.


  1. The 3 Cs – Cheatsheet plus strategic guidance.
  2. The 4 Ps – Cheatsheet.
  3. The 7 Ps – Cheatsheet.
  4. The 4 Cs – Cheatsheet.
  5. The 7 Cs – Cheatsheet.
Contents of the 3Cs and 4Ps PowerPoint - Cheat Sheets plus more.
Contents of the 3Cs and 4Ps PowerPoint – Cheat Sheets plus more.

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