Complete IT Roadmap Template

A 1-year strategic plan – your complete IT Roadmap Template in one Powerpoint pack:- Governance, Strategy, Change, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Complete IT Roadmap Template features:

  1. Four PHASES, spread over ONE YEAR.
    1. Design and Benefits Planning.
    2. Detailed analysis and Design.
    3. Developing, Testing and Training.
    4. Implementing, Tracking and Improving your project.
    5. Can be used as QUARTERLY PHASES, or changed to weeks or months.
    1. Governance and Management.
    2. Strategy and Benefits.
    3. People, Process and Technology Change.
    4. Stakeholder Engagement and Communications.
  3. Suggested activities within each Phase and Workstream.
    1. Based on professional experience, we have made suggestions.
    2. This forms a simple starting point for you.
  4. Simple Powerpoint formatting.
    1. All areas easily edited.
    2. Colourscheme easily changed.

This fantastic and Complete IT Roadmap Template will help you outline your 1 year plan for IT change.

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  1. Rachelle

    I’ve bought several of the Discount Bundles, and am enjoying the variety of templates – especially the time savings.  What an impact they’re having when I use them. Great value and a real pleasure. Thanks!

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