Cultural Change Template (Visio)

This Cultural Change Template will help you plan your organisation change. The important aspect of this approach is the FOCUS on PEOPLE and CULTURE.

How do we present a People-Led Transformation?

Our Cultural Change Template is a great communication tool for this.

Present your Cultural Change using this template:

  1. Two Designs: Simple, Infographics formats.
  2. Editable charts and graphics: All using Visio standard editing tools.
  3. Stencils: To help you re-use common shapes.

Establishing a plan for Successful Cultural Change:

This template outlines a useful process to follow:-

  1. Start with EMOTION. To win the Hearts. “What matters?”
    1. Interview a sample of the people involved.
    2. What are the most important emotional ties to the current “Culture”?
    3. Work it down into 3 points. (See the Rule of 3).
  2. Then move to LOGIC. To speak to the Minds. “How do we succeed?”
    1. Set out the target: Where the “Culture” need to get to?
    2. Ask your sample what they think needs to be done to succeed?
    3. Work it down into 3 points. (See the Rule of 3)
  3. Finally create the MISSION. To make the Plan, Together. “What shall we do?”
    1. Make it a simple Roadmap plan.
    2. Agree a few high level projects
    3. Map them out on a Timeline.

 Includes 2 Culture Change Template formats:

Culture Change Template format 1
Culture Change Template format 1 – Blue and Orange.
Culture Change Template format 2
Culture Change Template format 2 – oranges and browns

When to use this Cultural Change Template:

  1. When you are telling your stakeholders HOW you are going to run the transformation.
    1. i.e. how you are going to structure the transformation.
    2. …and then you go and gather the inputs.
  2. When you have put the data and plans together.
    1. So that you can present the 3 areas.


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