Innovation Roadmap Template (Powerpoint)

Plan, Launch, Manage and Protect the Innovation Project in your Organisation. This Innovation Roadmap Template is perfect for strategic planning and professional presentation.

Using the Innovation Roadmap Template.

How does it work?

It’s a simple Powerpoint format. You can easily edit the slides using normal Powerpoint tools to meet your requirements. Then present it to your colleagues!

Simply follow the guidance in the template. There are 2 formats:

1) PREPARATION PLANS. Used to prepare your organisation for a new way of working.

  1. COMMS: What Stakeholders will need to communicate.
  2. BENEFITS: What the Organisation is getting out of the project.
  3. ACTIONS: What the Stakeholders need to do in support.
Preparation Plan Template for Innovation Projects - 4 stages
Preparation Plan Template for Innovation Projects – 4 stages
Preparation Plan Template for Innovation Projects - 3 stages
Preparation Plan Template for Innovation Projects – 3 stages

These innovation preparation templates are useful if your stakeholders are new to innovation projects. The preparation templates get the difficult conversations out of the way before you start discussing timelines.

2) INNOVATION ROADMAP. Used to lay out the strategic plans on a timeline.

  1. TIMELINE: Set to 2 years, and you can change to suit your project.
  2. FSNP: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing. This is used to manage expectations.
  3. KPI STREAM: Show what you are going to be measuring through the project.
  4. THEMES STREAM: This shows the high level subjects that the innovation project will explore.
  5. THREATS STREAM: These are the items that need to be managed and mitigated.
The Innovation Roadmap Template (Powerpoint)
The Innovation Roadmap Template (Powerpoint)

When should I use this template?

It should be used when you need a strategic planning tool for:-

  • New Innovation Units.
  • New Innovation Projects.
  • New Innovation Incubators.
  • New Internal “Startups”.
  • New Digital Catapults.
  • New Innovation Accelerators.
  • New Innovation Hot Houses.
  • … (the list goes on).

This template includes helpful editorial & process guidance:

Get helpful guidance from the template notes.
Get helpful guidance from the template notes.

Available in 4:3 and 16:9 Powerpoint Formats!

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