Keynote Marketing Plan Template (Mac Compatible)

Keynote Marketing Plan Template - Conversion Funnel KPI

This Keynote Marketing Plan Template includes slides for Marketing Rollout, Conversion Funnel planning, Conversion KPI, and full Marketing Roadmap.

The Keynote Marketing Plan Template includes:-

  1. Executive Summary.
    1. Tabular format.
    2. Quick overview of the Marketing Plan:
      1. Objectives.
      2. Target Customer.
      3. Risks.
      4. Issues.
      5. Dependencies.
  2. Marketing Rollout Plan – activities by Medium.
    1. Guidance slide.
    2. Four Workstreams; rename them to suit your needs!
      1. TV & FILM.
      2. SOCIAL MEDIA.
      3. PRINT.
      4. MOBILE ADS.
    3. Legend, showing status of the activity units by colour coding.
    4. Timeline, using a Keynote table, so that it is easily editable.
  3. Conversion Funnel template format.
    1. Plots product team plans against expected customer outcome.
    2. Shows graduation through a conversion funnel; rename to suit your needs!
  4. Conversion KPI Roadmap format.
    1. KPI figures at each stage of the timeline and conversion funnel.
    2. “Team” workstream for milestones and key deliveries.
    3. Simple timeline.

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