New Project Plan Template

The New Project Plan Template is a Powerpoint template which will help you demonstrate and communicate your project plans AT A GLANCE. Easy to edit.

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This Project Plan Template includes

  1. A3 FORMAT : The Template is formatted for on-screen presentations, and A3 Printouts
  2. Summary Slide
    1. Status
    2. Document Version
    3. Circulation details
  3. New Project Plan format 1
    1. Timeline with 4 divisions – can be used for weeks, months, or years
    2. Milestones area
    3. Three workstreams
    4. Modern infographics format
  4. New Project Plan format 2
    1. Milestones stream
    2. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Strea
    3. Investment Stream
    4. Bold Graphics
  5. New Project Plan format 3
    1. Timeline with 8 segments
    2. Milestones above the timeline
    3. Two main workstream areas
  6. New Project Plan format 4
    1. Bold colour scheme
    2. Milestones area
    3. Three main workstream areas
    4. Timeline with 5 segments
  7. New Project Plan format 5
    1. Milestones area
    2. Two main workstreams
    3. Bold graphics
  8. SWOT template

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1 review for New Project Plan Template

  1. Lizzy

    I was really pleased with the templates I bought.

    These infographic templates look so good!

    I was tired of the same old designs with drop shadows and big images – I just wanted something with infographic style!


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