Minimum Viable Product Template – MVP (Powerpoint)

Minimum Viable Product Template

This Minimum Viable Product template includes 5 well-tested formats that will communicate your product’s prioritised launch feature list – your “MVP”.

What does “Minimum Viable Product” mean?

A “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) is a simple first version of a product.

It is a cut-back set of features:-
  1. To enable a rapid launch
  2. To maximise competitive advantage
  3. To reduce time wasted on features that users may not want

Deciding on your MVP will require ruthless prioritisation of your product backlog.

Beware: your stakeholders may want to squeeze-in their features, so be prepared to warn them that this will cause delays and reduce advantage.

5 MVP Template Slides to help your New Product Development (NPD):

  1. MVP: Agile Iteration Roadmap
    1. Shows your MVP Plan in relation to two workstreams
    2. Includes an additional workstream, to show another aspect of your MVP
    3. Minimum Viable Product indicator
    4. Key for Epics, Themes and MVP
    5. Timeline in weeks
  2. MVP: 3 Workstreams and Dashboard
    1. Shows 3 workstreams with a simple stylish graphical activity plan
    2. Shows levels of risk associated with each activity
    3. Key for risk levels
    4. Dashboard to show a selection of “RED, AMBER, GREEN” entries, plus Risks & Issues
    5. Timeline in months
  3. MVP: 3 Workstreams over 1.25 Years
    1. Milestones row
    2. Product Delivery Summary row
    3. Three Workstream rows
    4. Key for risk levels
    5. MVP indicator and dotted line
    6. Callout boxes to highlight items, at the top
    7. Timeline in months
  4. MVP: Startup Style 01
    1. Infographics format – modern and striking
    2. MVP indicator
    3. Opportunity workstream – show how you are serving the market
    4. Cost workstream – show your startup burn rate
    5. Market workstream – show market KPIs
    6. Timeline in Calendar Quarters
  5. MVP: Startup Style 02
    1. Infographics format – modern and striking
    2. MVP indicator
    3. Plan workstream – a summary of features
    4. Critical Success Factors (CSFs) – show what will indicate success
    5. RIsks & Issues – bring important elements to attention
    6. Timeline in Calendar Quarters


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