Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

The Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template is a “must have” for Product Managers. Shows your product plans by workstream, over 1-2 year timespan.

Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template features

  1. Product Roadmap Template.
    1. Legend – Risk levels and TBC.
    2. Timeline – Showing 14 months, and easily editable.
    3. Workstreams – Marketing, Development, KPI.
    4. Dashboard – Status updates for reporting.
  2. Product Rollout Plan and Status Template.
    1. Legend – Risk levels.
    2. Milestones – Visible above the Timeline
    3. Timeline – 13 months, and easily editable.
    4. Rollout Timeline area with 3 workstreams.
    5. “Current Date” marker for updates.
    6. Report area – updates on key areas of the product.
Powerpoint Product Rollout Plan Template
Powerpoint Product Rollout Plan Template

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3 reviews for Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

  1. Brian

    In the fast paced corporate world, we are often called upon to quickly turn around timelines, schedules and other presentations relative to major product launches.

    Yesterday we were asked to deliver an entire project update in executive format. We had wasted about 3 hours working different versions of a work stream slide.

    It was then when I googled “How to create a work stream slide in Power Point”. I quickly noticed the 4.5 star rating and clicked the URL. Next I noticed very professional looking slides for under $20.00.

    At that point, it was a no brainer. You guys literally saved our day. Late last evening when reviewing the presentation with my boss, he said “let’s get to slide 18, I really like this slide”. We just chuckled and said “well, we bought it online”. LOL… thanks again for saving our day!

    Best of luck to your company…. Keep bringing us these affordable templates and will keep coming back.

  2. Sri N

    wow this saves you a ton of time. Stop wasting time trying to do what you can easily buy from these guys.

  3. Alexandre

    Definitely 5 stars, especially the service.

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