Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

The Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template is a “must have” for Product Managers. Shows your product plans by workstream, over 1-2 year timespan.

Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template features

  1. Product Roadmap Template.
    1. Legend – Risk levels and TBC.
    2. Timeline – Showing 14 months, and easily editable.
    3. Workstreams – Marketing, Development, KPI.
    4. Dashboard – Status updates for reporting.
  2. Product Rollout Plan and Status Template.
    1. Legend – Risk levels.
    2. Milestones – Visible above the Timeline
    3. Timeline – 13 months, and easily editable.
    4. Rollout Timeline area with 3 workstreams.
    5. “Current Date” marker for updates.
    6. Report area – updates on key areas of the product.
Powerpoint Product Rollout Plan Template

Powerpoint Product Rollout Plan Template

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