Powerpoint SWOT, PEST and PORTERS Workshop Brainstorm pack

Powerpoint SWOT, PEST and PORTERS Workshop Brainstorm pack

This SWOT, PEST & PORTERS Workshop template features simple Powerpoint SWOT, PEST and PORTERS stimulus slides with help notes. Get your team focussed!

SWOT, PEST & PORTERS Workshop Template features

This pack provides 3 rich information slides to support your team in SWOT, PEST and PORTERS workshops.

Focus the whole team on what they should be brainstorming for the workshop – each strategic tool has key explanatory bullet points.

  1. With guidelines, suggestions and areas to explore in each subsection
  2. clearly laid out in 3 powerpoint slides
  1. SWOT– analyse your organisation and environment
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Opportunities
    4. Threats
  2. PEST– illuminate macro-environmental factors
    1. Political
    2. Economical
    3. Social
    4. Technological
  3. PORTERS– predict your competitor’s likely course of action
    1. Motivation – Drivers
    2. Motivation – Management Assumption
    3. Actions – Strategy
    4. Actions – Capabilities

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