PPT Roadmap With Milestones

This Powerpoint Roadmap with Milestones features 3 popular formats used by Product Managers – 1 year, 1.5 year and 2.5 year Roadmaps – all with milestones.

This template originated from a Keynote presentation used by Product Managers. The spacious and well-balanced graphics enable you to communicate plans quickly, and to make a strong impression.

1 Year Roadmap with Resources and Milestones

PPT Roadmap with Milestones Resources
This one year PPT Roadmap with Milestones also features resources.

1.5 Year Roadmap with 6 Workstreams and Milestones

1.5 Year PPT Roadmap with Milestones
This 1.5 year roadmap shows an excellent summary of Product Plans

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