Product Roadmap with Dashboard Template (Visio)

This Product Roadmap with Dashboard Template combines the classic roadmap format with a Dashboard section. Ideal for Exec Summary and product updates.

Product Roadmap with Dashboard Template features

  1. Three Workstreams to outline Product Activity, with a RAG status.
    1. Red – high risk.
    2. Amber – medium risk.
    3. Green – all ok.
    4. (See more RAG Status reports here).
  2. Timeline with draggable milestones.
  3. A project dashboardto communicate current status.
    1. Successes.
    2. Upcoming releases.
    3. Live risks.
    4. Blockages.
    5. Caveats.
    6. (See more Status Report templates here).

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard section of this Roadmap template tells your stakeholders what the status is, and enables your stakeholders to digest the project status “at a glance” – i.e. you are not asking them to wade through lengthy report documents.

Uses for the Product Roadmap with Dashboard Template

  • Ideally suited to Product Management communications.
  • Update meetings: The Product Roadmap with Dashboard can be read within 5 minutes.
  • A perfect tool for Product Owners to communicate with stakeholders.
  • Communicating Product plans and status at a glance.
  • Excellent for executive and board-level communications.
  • Communicates the plans and direction to your teams.
  • A useful, live document to maintain your shared understanding.
The Product Roadmap with Dashboard template Timeline, Milestones and Work stream project units
The Product Roadmap with Dashboard template Timeline, Milestones and Work stream project units

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