Proof of Concept

This Powerpoint Proof of Concept template is designed with the corporate world in mind. It conveys all the priority areas to ensure executive sign off.

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A template which shows you how to present a proof of concept pitch for sign off.

Trying to get project approval can be hard. This template provides a clear outline of what you need to do to get that approval.

This template features:

  • High level hypothesis and success criteria. This clearly sets the project definition.
  • Key factors that have been explored;
    • business justification.
    • market & approach.
    • risk.
    • legal.
    • financial.
  • Approval matrix based on cost and effort.
  • Key benefit and risks so that the benefits are clear.
  • Internal financial and resource planning.
  • Project timeline with road map of activities.
  • Project delivery indicators with dynamic dials.
  • Benefit delivery tracking.
  • Appendix with combined PEST and Porters market analysis.
Business justification with factors considered.
Road map, delivery status and benefits.
Combined PEST and Porters Analysis.

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2 reviews for Proof of Concept

  1. Zane

    Thanks a lot for the resource visio template, that went over very well. I’ve already had several other groups ask me about using it, so I sent them to your site.

    It went over so well, I have the go ahead to get started right-away, and the other workstreams were told to start lining up.

  2. Bjorn

    Just want to let you know that the templates I just bought are really good. Easy to fill in and adapt, and effective in communication.

    I immediately got cudos from above, after one day of work – making three major slidesets. Thanks, excellent value!

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