Status Template

The Powerpoint Project Status Template has 13 Status Templates to help you with all project updates and Executive Board Status Reports. Instant Success.

13 Project Status Templates, in 1 Pack!

  1. A large selection of Project Status Update Report Templates
    1. Suitable for a range of project types and sizes
    2. Great for quick Stakeholder update meetings
    3. Ideal for Agile Project status updates
  2. Status Report template slides
    1. Status Report Template with Summary focus
    2. Status Report Template with Dashboard & Progress Dials
    3. Status Report with Pie Chart for progress reporting
    4. Status Report with Agile Burndown for progress reporting
    5. Status Report with RAG in 4 report areas
    6. Status Report Roadmap, with Dashboard
  3. Highlight Report template slides
    1. Highlight Report with 6 report areas
    2. Highlight Report with 5 areas and “coming soon”
    3. Highlight Report with Summary + 4 areas
    4. Highlight Report with “Coming Soon”
  4. A “Next Steps” template focussed on ACTIONS

Some of the Status Report Templates:

The Status Report Roadmap template shows status against the timeline
The Status Report Roadmap template shows status against the timeline
Status Report with Burndown
This status report template shows project burndown
Status Report with Dashboard
The Status Report Template has a selection, including dashboard template
Status Report with Progress Chart
This Status Report Template shows a progress chart
Status Update with Next Steps
The Status Report “Next Steps” template clearly shows next project actions and plans

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8 reviews for Status Template

  1. Hiroshi

    Templates make big difference in making your messages across.   I loved your quick response in making my ideas into great templates!

  2. Sridhar R

    As a project leader, I need to constantly communicate to my team and stakeholders.

    I want to spend my time and energy thinking about the content instead of having to deal with the look-and-feel aspects.

    Usually in the past I have had to spend hours on the look-and-feel but with these customizable templates, I spend minimal amount of time on them and rightly focus my energy on the content.

    It’s a no-brainer decision to buy these business templates considering the value they provide and I highly recommend them.


  3. Paul

    The slides chosen provide an excellent visual display of information and have greatly simplified a complex message.  I highly recommend the slides for organising data and giving impact to message delivery.

  4. Wendy

    The Business Documents UK “Status” templates have saved me time and money, and they look wonderful. The Executives at the meeting were really impressed. Thanks!

    I am about to use the “Agile Lessons Learned” template for a retrospective.

    Liking the discount bundles.

    Thank you so much!

  5. Steve

    This will most certainly work.  Thank you for the outstanding customer service and attention!

  6. Roy

    Thank you so much for your kind help.

    I like your templates and your nice customer service too.

    I will be with you for a long time.

  7. CJ Robinson

    When asked about what he thought of our templates, he said

    I love them

    CJ Robinson was first a customer in 2012.

  8. Rachelle

    I’ve bought several of the Discount Bundles, and am enjoying the variety of templates – especially the time savings.  What an impact they’re having when I use them. Great value and a real pleasure. Thanks!

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