Stylish Powerpoint Roadmap Template

This Stylish Powerpoint Template uses a modern Infographic design to give your Roadmap Presentation more impact.

This template includes

  1. Project Roadmap Template
    1. Timeline
    2. Milestones
    3. Three workstreams to allow for 3 teams
  2. Programme Roadmap Template
    1. Milestones area
    2. Delivery swim lane
    3. Staff swim lane
    4. Cost swim lane
  3. Delivery Roadmap Template
    1. Milestones
    2. “Team 1″ area
    3. “Team 2″ area
  4. Marketing Roadmap Template
    1. Milestones area
    2. KPI area for Key Performance Indicators
    3. Investment area to show Marketing investment

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    I can now complete my task using your excellent templates.

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    I have received the confirmation and downloaded the files.

    I am playing with them and really love a couple of them.

    Thanks for saving me a bunch of hours

  3. Amelia

    I purchased the Agile Template Bundle, and used 2 of the templates for documents I needed in a meeting the very next day.

    My manager was so impressed – she wanted the templates herself!

    Thanks so much – I will be back for more.

  4. Lizzy

    I was really pleased with the templates I bought.

    These infographic templates look so good!

    I was tired of the same old designs with drop shadows and big images – I just wanted something with infographic style!


  5. Russ

    I bought a few individual documents to start with, and quickly realized that I could make a saving with the discount bundles.

    These templates are really useful especially when you are short on time and have important meetings.

    Really helpful thanks!

  6. Ray

    Thank you again for your templates, they really do help me visualize some very complicated ideas and get buy-in much more quickly.

    You have a great product.

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