Supplier Monthly Dashboard (Mobile-Friendly Powerpoint)

This Mobile Friendly Dashboard is specifically designed to be viewed on a mobile, and for social media sharing. Communicate present supplier performance to your teams, stakeholders and executives while they work on the move.

Fast and impressive way to communicate present position.

Designed specifically for viewing on a mobile device, this supplier monthly dashboard is a fantastic way to communicate performance to key stakeholders.

Very simple to edit and even easier to impress – right click, change the data and e-mail out. This means that you can share performance levels with your teams at a glance.

Key Features

This template covers the key metrics for supplier management.

  • Compliance by tier, category or sub team.
  • Performance indicators against Time, Cost and Quality.
  • Benefits tracker set against targets.
  • Risk profile with count of risk items by profile and overall indicator.

All the indicators (with the exception of the risk profile boxes) are automatically updated via embedded graphs. Simply right-click and edit the data to fit your suppliers.

Three alternative colour schemes included.

This supplier monthly dashboard is perfect for sharing with executives on the move.

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