Supplier Segmentation (Excel)

To manage your supply chain, you need to segment suppliers accordingly so that your resources and efforts are spent in the right place. This template enables you to do this and has a detailed list of supplier activities required to effectively manage your supply chain.

When faced with multiple providers it is critical to undertake supplier segmentation. Time is very precious and it is not possible to spend the same effort on each one.

By placing suppliers into different tiers, this allows you to focus your energy on the most important ones. In turn this then helps you to make the biggest difference to your supply chain. For instance you would want to spend more time on a key material supplier than the stationers.

This template provides the following to help you;

  • A scoring matrix with a guide to tier your suppliers.
  • An automatically updated chart to show where your suppliers sit.
  • A full list of activity needed for suppliers in each tier.
  • How you or your team performed against the activity needed by supplier.
  • An overview of all activity for all suppliers.
  • A dashboard to show others how well you are performing.


Scoring matrix and chart.


Activity needed for each tier and how often it is needed.


Actions completed with dates.


Overview of all suppliers.

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