Supplier Selection Dashboard Template

Updated for 2017, this Supplier Selection Dashboard is designed to guide you through a tender process and allows impressive reporting to stakeholders on both progress and delivery

How can this template help?

This Supplier Selection Dashboard guides you through the high level process steps of running a tender. It also provides a ready made reporting tool so you can share progress with teams and stakeholders alike.

Template features:

  • A commodity card showing performance of the supply chain over the year both as a collective and then individually as well as detailing
    • Supplier allocation
    • Key Performance Indicators using dials
    • Contractual position
  • A guidance sheet for drivers of change
  • A status indicator of the 5 key areas leading to supplier change
  • A timeline of the tender process
  • A delivery tool to show tender process against timetable targets, benefits expected and ongoing savings achieved

Tenders and supplier selection processes can take a long time and a huge amount of effort – this template allows you to present all that work in a graphically rich format which will impress.

Written in  Power Point, all aspects of the template can be easily edited to suit your own needs. All graphs are embedded via excel and the commodity sheet dials can be updated in seconds.

Reasons to change and status by area
Roadmap timeline of tender process
Delivery against plan and on-going achievements

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